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I'm Oly, a 26-year-old filmmaker and videographer based in Leeds, UK. As a graduate of The Northern Film School, I am now delving into freelance work. Working freelance gives me the freedom to explore different styles and gives me the adaptability to work with a variety of clients all with different needs.

I currently have experience in film, documentary, music videos, experimental, motion graphics and am the director of an award-winning short film.

As a specialist in Directing and Editing, this gives me the skills to brainstorm fresh, unique and modern ideas to make your vision become a reality. Whilst composing my ideas in a script or storyboard format I am already thinking about the edit; how things will all piece together later. This gives me an edge in efficiency and ensures a final product we can both be proud of. 

I have recently invested in my own camera equipment so that I can be involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process - I am always finding ways to build my kit to provide the best final product for all my clients!


If you are interested in any filmmaking work; be it music videos, video advertising, short films or perhaps some directing/editing help - please do not hesitate to contact me.


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